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Dr. Gloria Spitalny, Ed.D. saves marriages - via ZOOM video conferencing. With an 80% success rate, Dr. Gloria is pleased to work with married, pre-marital and committed couples to solve relationship problems contact free.

Dr. Gloria is a Relationship expert, former faculty member at Harvard Medical School, lead counsel to MA Judges on Divorce cases and trained therapists at McLean Hospital!

Dr. Gloria provides 100% contact free virtual expert counseling via ZOOM. Dr. Gloria is one of the only counselors in New England to focus exclusively on couples therapy. Connect with Dr. Gloria today to see if you are a good candidate for couples therapy in Boston. Taking new clients on a limited basis. Call or text Dr. Gloria directly at

617-306-4955 15 minutes could save your marriage.

Recent clients:
Dr. Gloria was an amazing guide. She helped us work through many of the issues that were causing our marriage stress. With Dr. Gloria's guidance, we turned around our relationship and got our lives back on track. We are now pregnant with our first child" - Brian and Diane

"Dr. Gloria saved our relationship - all through Zoom, keeping us safe and healthy. We used zoom to meet weekly and made lasting changes to our marriage.
- Lindsey & Will


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If you have a broken foot, you consult a foot expert.
If you have a broken relationship, consult Dr. Gloria, an expert in relationships.
Are you a good candidate for couples counseling in Boston? 617-306-4955.
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To keep clients safe, all counseling is provided Virtually on Zoom.
A 15 minute free consultation could save your relationship, your family and your life.

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