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I am Dr. Gloria Spitalny, Ed.D., and I am a licensed psychologist specializing exclusively in helping couples in Boston. Whether you want to get married or save your marriage, I am here to assist. I have spent 29 years helping couples solve their relationship issues. My office is located 416 Commonwealth Avenue, Back Bay, MA. My only passion is directed towards helping you improve and save your relationship.

Over the course of the last two decades, I have captured best practices while serving on the psychology department faculty at Harvard Medical School.  I trained relationship therapists in the human sexuality & relationship program as a attending psychologist at McLean Hospital. Most importantly I have counseled couples exclusively and served as expert counsel to Massachusetts Judges on marriage, divorce and custody proceedings. I feel privileged to work with you in a confidential setting and help your achieve your long-term relationship and life goals. Learn more

Recent client email:
I am writing to Thank you Dr. Gloria for all your help with our marital issues. Our relationship now is better than it has ever been. We are both very happy to be together. I could never thank you enough for helping us with "us."

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